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Responsibilities of the Administration

Cheng Xiaobo, President.Presiding over the overall work of the center; in charge of work concerning development strategies, party building, personnel and foreign affairs management and national e-government network. Heading the Party Committee Office.

Ma Zhongyu, Vice President.  In charge of work regarding macroeconomic analysis, information and network security.Supporting President Cheng Xiaobo in party building and anti-corruption. Directing the Department of Economic Forecasting and the Department of Network Security

Zhou Min, Vice President.   In charge of informatization construction, big data development, the second phase construction of e-government network project and credit building. Supporting President Cheng Xiaobo in management of national e-government network. Directing the Department of Public Technical Service and the Department of Bid Data Development.

Xu Changming,Vice President.   In charge of research on informatization and work related to information resources development, information content services and the assessment and consultation of the e-government project. Supporting President Cheng Xiaobo in the expansion and operation of business. Directing the Department of Informatization and Industry Development and the E-Government Project Center of NDRC.

Zhang Xueying, Vice President.  In charge of work with regard tobudget plan, administrative management, logistical support, scientific research and asset management. Supporting President Cheng Xiaobo in management of personnel and foreign affairs. Directing the General Office and the Department of Comprehensive Management.

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